Why choose For Body and Soul?

Dear customer,

My name is Jose Marin, I am the CEO and Founder of For Body and Soul. You may want to know why I decided to create this company and I am going to tell you exactly why.  Since a young age I was already competing in sports, at the age of 16 I felt in love with fitness and nutrition. I spend my weekends going to courses to get certified in different programs including advance workouts, personal trainer, nutrition, and more. With just 16 years old I start working in a Gym as a personal trainer. When I went to college I decide to choose physical therapy as a major, after that, at 21 years old I joined the US Army looking for that extra challenge, but one day during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan we were under attack, trying to avoid an mortar I hit the ground hard, my head hit hard the ground and I injured my back and knee instantly, I was assisted on a field medical tent, the pain start to increase by time. I start having problems with my legs, swelling, pain, numbness and more. After 400 days I arrive back home, my conditions got worse and I was unable to walk well, I was always in chronic pain. I start suffering from insomnia, migraines, gastrointestinal problems, sleep apnea, irritability and more conditions. All of this made me fall into a major depression, PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder to the point that I start also suffering from panic disorder which cause me more than 30 panics attacks per day, I even though of committing suicide. Afraid and hopeless I locked myself in my house for months, this made me gain a lot of weight and became obese, I went from 190 to 260 pounds. I spend more days and night between laboratories, studies and in the Emergency Room. One day my Primary doctor told me you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, you are pre diabetic, have anemia, and are just one point away to fall into an End Stage Renal Disease, if you keep like this you are going to die young, that news hit me hard. That day I decide to change my life, I start a nutrition plan, start walking just a few minutes per day because I was out of breath quickly and just walking cause me serious knee and back pain, but I did not let that get me, I was focused to win the biggest battle of my life, this took me a lot of effort, pain, sweat and tears, but I made it thru. After all that chaos I decide to pursuit my passion, I was determined to help others to get their health back. For this reason, I spend a good amount of time searching on how to create the most effective natural products that will help people like me to achieve a better health, a better life, and achieve their goals. That was the day that For Body and Soul was born. A company that not only provide the best quality supplement in the market but also have a mission to help people. I understand how much it hurts, how much it drains you, and how hard is it, but we can do this! As Aristotle says “It is during our darkest moments that we most focus to see the light”. For Body and Soul we will take care of both.

The photos below are real and are in chronological order.